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Biosphere Technology is an power generation process that generates the very least pollution among all known powers. Gasifying limiters prevent the avoid of co2 gases to the atmosphere therefore preventing polluting of the environment. Pollutant by-products of energy creation are the responsible for the garden greenhouse effect which often leads to global warming and climatic change. By providing an alternate that precisely creates energy consumers are now able to refrain from utilizing traditional resources that provide great desolation to your planet. The prevention of future polluting of the environment will take all of us one step better towards using a True Green Planet.

Up to the middle of the 80's, global positioning technology was managed by the army. After this period, plans to get a GPS system that was accessible by the public were put into the works. There are currently concerning 31 spoutnik in orbit offering more than a million GPS empowered devices which includes those of us showing off a GPS running watch. As technology increases, the programs for Gps device technology grow tremendously. Currently, the smallest unit at any time created will be even tinier than techniques installed in a watch and can fit on the mind of a flag. Enterprising businesses plan to put in tech this little in devices like digital camera models to aid in place based photography services, an activity known as geo-tagging.

The biosphere gasification process is being used by developed countries all across the globe such as the United states, United Kingdom, Germany, Beirut, China, Taiwan, Brazilian, Libya, Italy, North america, West Africa, Singapore, China, The japanese, Russia, Canada, and soon within the Philippines. The said countries happen to be in the process of preparing their move towards making biosphere technology their main means of generating electricity. Biosphere gasification has the potential to eventually solve both the world's dependence on energy and it is problem upon wastes.

In Trend View supplement to create News Newspaper in Oct of 2012 there was articles titled; "Helmet Airbags Target Concussion Issues" through Charles J Murray. This explained a fresh system to prevent long-term brain injuries of specialist football players using an in-helmet air carrier system. This got me personally thinking about the problems of engineering such a high-tech potential helmet.

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