Napa based elearning company quake damage

CNN PRODUCER NOTE Two videos from the CEO of ArtistWorks NapaQuakeAW showing the damage at her Napa, CA based elearning company: 'This is our office and studio in Napa. Yesterday we spent the day cleaning up our homes, now we are assessing the damage in our office and studio. We are located right on the Napa River in a very old building, built during the Civil War. It's been through a lot and it would seem, sustained the 6.0 fairly well. Within our offices though, the recording sound panels have all been torn from the bolts on the walls and the white boards have been thrashed to the ground, over the computers and monitors as well. But our online instructors pictures were scattered askew on the wall, some on the floor. We're so thankful to have walked in and seen very little damage compared to our home, which has a 10 inch wide gap in the ground out in the yard. The pictures remind us that our artists and customers are still with us even if the world is akimbo.'

- hhanks, CNN iReport producer