Five Minute Pearl Quiz

So, you think you know a lot about pearls? Take this short, ten-question quiz and seeand dont glimpse at the answers till youre done.

1. The pearl is the birthstone of men and women born by which month?

a) December

b) June

c) July

d) None of the above

2. Pearls will be the traditional wedding gift that year?

a) 5th

b) 15th

D) 30th

d) None of the above mentioned

3. Which historic figure is said to have contained a pearl in a glass of wine and drunk it to impress a person?

a) Cleopatra

b) Lady Godiva

c) Helen of Troy

d) Joan of Arc

4. The rules of European society once prohibit every one except the nobility to:

a) Handle pearls

b) Wear pearls

D) Catch pearls

d) Use pearls in a marriage ceremony

5. Which popular jeweler borrowed his landmark New York shop by trading two bead necklaces for the home?

a) Charles Lewis Tiffany

b) David Yurman

H) Jacques Cartier

d) Harry Winston

6. Salt-water pearls include:

a) Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian

b) South Sea, Tahitian and mab

H) Tahitian, akoya and eruption

d) Mab, Tahitian and South Sea

7. Pearls are scored o-n several characteristics. They include size, design, surface quality and:

a) Nacre breadth

b) Matching

D) Color

d) All the above

8. A 12-13 inch gem strand is recognized as a collar; a 14-16 inch strand is a choker. A matinee is 20-24 inches. Opera size is 28-34 inches; a string has ended 4-5 inches. What's a 17-19 inch treasure string called?

a) Classic

b) Princess

H) Audrey Hepburn

d) None of the above

9. Discover more on this partner link by browsing to cultured pearls. The natural materials which make up a treasure are jointly called:

a) Nacre

b) Mother-of-pearl

c) Luster

d) Overtone

1-0. Which type of animal produces pearls?

a) Oysters

T) Mollusks

D) Snails

d) Most of the above


1. W

2. D

3. a

4. We learned about next by searching the Boston Post-Herald. T

5. H

6. a

7. d

8. W

9. a

10. N


All 1-0 right : Pearl expert!

7-9 correct: Congratulations, you understand a lot more than most.

4-6 correct: Your gem understanding is average. Be taught further on this affiliated article directory - Visit this website: freshwater pearl earrings. Learn more at relevant internet sites such as those listed below. In case you want to identify further about the pearl bracelet, we recommend millions of online libraries you should pursue.

Less than four correct: No problemlearning about pearls is interesting and exciting. Educate yourself at treasure sites such as:

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