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Temporary Car Insurance for Young Drivers Under 21 Young people and learner drivers will have a hard time finding motor insurance that is certainly affordable. As a learner you pose a heightened risk for insurers when you havent any track record, usually are not an experienced driver and so are by definition more prone to come with an accident. Some companies will not likely even offer to pay for learner drivers, especially teenagers. Many learner drivers are young, but not all of them. You can start while on an online comparison web site to compare rates one of the providers within the Detroit area. Heres the way it operates. Youll enter your vehicle information, age, how many drivers (primary and secondary), the amount of miles you commute to work on a daily basis and basic information including name, address, etc. Most vehicle insurance quote sites ask in case you or other drivers have completed a motorist safety course and in case you have a good or poor driving history. By asking these questions, the providers can present you with a very accurate quote. Be aware, however, how the rates are vastly different in accordance with other factors. Start your pursuit for cheapest automobile insurance for young drivers online by gathering as much information as is possible to obtain much. Search about what factors might get you discount. For example some vehicle insurance companies give discounts to students with good grades or young drivers that have taken defensive driving classes. Look for low mileage discounts if you are likely to drive lower than couple of hours a day. One can even bargain to get a lower insurance rate for young drivers if the car one drives falls under low risk category. Luck may not be in your favor if your grades arent that impressive. You may not be able to acquire a coverage discount now, but, you can develop enhancing grades so that you are able to avail of the discount once you renew (view source) your automobile insurance. Getting the cheapest you should not be your sole motivation for accomplishing an excellent academic performance. Step #3: Type out all possible discounts. Young drivers insurance coverage is so expensive because historically, younger drivers often end up in more car accidents (which cost the insurance carrier money). However, when you can influence the car insurance provider that youre more responsible compared to the average young driver, they are going to gladly offer you discounts in your insurance policies. Things that could qualify you for the price reduction: