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addition, individuals with PTEN mutations display macrocephaly embryos. Examination of BB positioning both by transmission
and sporadic hydrocephalus, congenital defects and delays in electron microscopy and confocal microscopy using the BB
psychological improvement, like autism10,11. This indicates that marker Centrin-red ?uorescent protein (RFP) unveiled defects
PTEN has crucial biological functions as well as a in apical docking on PTEN knockdown (Supplementary
Fig. 1b,c).

To visualize basal rootlets, embryos have been co-injected
HerewedemonstratethatPTENregulatesciliadynamicsand withtheciliaryrootletmarker,CLAMP-green?uorescentprotein
is needed for formation of motile multicilia in vertebrates and (GFP), which exposed that basal rootlets CSF-1R in PTEN morphants
stabilizes principal cilia in a human retinal epithelial cell line werenotalignedinthesamedirectionatthelatetadpolestages
model.Even further,weshowthatduringciliogenesisPTENcontrols when anterior�Cposterior ?ow has been established (Fig. 1d).
serine-143phosphorylationofDishevelled(DVL)2thatservesas The misalignment of basal rootlets was signi?cant when
adirectsubstrateofPTENinvitro.Ourstudiesthusestablisha quanti?edasshowninFig.1e.Hence,PTENplaysapivotal position
conserved and crucial purpose for PTEN in cilia dynamics through for the duration of Xenopus ciliogenesis and is important both for apical

docking of BBs and subsequently for polarized alignment of
Following, we examined the localization of endogenous PTEN in
PTEN regulates cilia formation in Xenopus. Prior data with enrichment on the apical factor of your cell. PTEN didn't
indicated that PTEN is significant during the early next stages of co-localize with BB markers, for example gamma-tubulin or RFP-
advancement and axonal guidance in Xenopus embryos12,13. To taggedCentrin,butratherwasobservedadjacenttoBBs,aswell
more elucidate the cellular processes that demand PTEN, we as in the spotted pattern during the ciliary axoneme itself (Fig. 1f;

oligonucleotides, which block the translation of PTEN protein. ofPTENintheregulationofciliogenesis.
Embryos, injected during the animal pole with PTEN morpholinos
(PTEN morphants) didn't display any key developmental
defectsuntillatetadpolestages,whereapproximately20�C25%of LossofPtencausesdefectsinmulticiliaformationinmice .To
embryosshowedmilddefectsindorsalelongationconsistentwith research the role of PTEN through cilia formation in mammals, we
probable defects in convergent extension (CE) movements (see investigatedtwotypesofmulticiliatedepithelia,trachealcellsinthe
below). Additionally, contrary to wil