How To Get The Best Out Of Electric Pressure Washers

The world of cleaning machines has been witnessing the introduction of many new features and technologies. Among the machines graced with these new features are electric pressure washers. Such features and technologies have made these machines more user-friendly and efficient. A smart operator can now use these machines for many cleaning tasks that were earlier impossible to carry out using electric pressure washing machines in the past.

This article deals with some major features of these machines. Before dealing with the new features, it is better to understand how electric pressure cleaners function.

How Do Electric Pressure Washers Work

Like other pressure washing machines, electric powered machines pump high pressured output onto hard surfaces. The main component of the machine is a pump that imparts pressure to the output. The output pressure ranges up to 8000 psi, depending upon the model.

Pressure, however, is dependent on other factors. For example, a machine outputting high temperature wet steam may exhibit a maximum pressure level of 1000 - 4000 psi. This is due to the fact that steam offers greatly heightened cleaning power.

Electricity is required for two purposes. The first is to power the pump and the second is to power the heating element. In some machines, electricity is used to run only the pump. The heating element is fueled by fossil fuels, such as kerosene or gas. Such machines are classified as electric pressure washers; but they require combustion fuels for heating. These machines can attain high steam temperatures up to 330F.

In other machines, electricity is used for running both the pump and the heating element. Such machines are a rather new entrant in the ever-expanding world of pressure washers. The main benefit of these machines is that no fossil fuel is required for their functioning. While all electric pressure cleaners are more efficient in their use of a single power source, heating power is limited to attaining hot water temperatures up to 210F.

The following is an overview of some of the other features of electric pressure washers.

Long Hoses

The length of the hose has been a concern for electric pressure washer machines for some time now. The mobility of these machines is limited to a small area surrounding the electric plug point. The best option is to increase the length of the hose. However, low grade machines can cause loss of pressure levels when using long hoses. Many conventional pressure washers were unable to sustain the same pressure level over the length of a long hose.

A new technology has been developed that enables operators to use a long hose without drop in pressure. Pressure washers using this technology can support hoses of length up to 300 feet, allowing operators to place the base unit by an electrical plug point and reach distant applications. This technology is available only from reputable suppliers with high quality machinery.

Automatic Shut Off

Another new feature of electric power washer machines is the introduction of the automatic switch off technology. This technology powers off the machine when not in use for 30 seconds. Workers can switch the machine back on by pulling the trigger of scatter gun. Both hot water and steam pressure washers sport the new technology.

Electric pressure washers with long hoses and automatic shut off technologies are eminently suitable for cleaning large areas. Learn more about these technologies and more from top suppliers.