Fishing Equipment: Tips for Beginners

Fishing Equipment: Tips for Beginners

Fishing is certainly one of the most popular outdoor activity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, fishing is great way to have a little bit of fun. It gives you the chance to get away from your everyday obligations and stress and spending quality time with your friends or family. If this is not your first time fishing, then you probably know what you need in order to have successful fishing trip, otherwise we provide you with few simple tips, especially when it comes to the tackle.

The right fishing tackle depends on the kind of fish you want to catch and the fishing technique you use. Yes, this is a good advice, but a beginner fisherman should start out with versatile equipment appropriate for all fishing styles and fishes. Fishing tackle is not hard to find, as there are so many stores available. You just have to find the right fishing equipment store that will provide you with the best customer service and high quality equipment. Making a good deal is always a priority when buying something.


Rod and Reel Sets

Start your buying process with set of rod and reel. Experienced fisherman purchase these pieces of equipment separately, but for beginner buying a set is more convenient option. Rod and reel sets are usually inexpensive, which means you can find a quality one for a very affordable price. As a general rule, the length of the rod should be about 30 cm longer than your height. A rod for beginners should have medium strength and lifting power to angel few types of fish. When it comes to reels, spin-casting are usually the most commonly used and recommended for beginners. Other types of reels are spinning, which are simpler to use and the bait-casting which are more suitable for experts.


The Line

Monofilament lines are affordable, durable and easy to find in any fishing equipment store. Fishing lines are available in many different diameters according to lifting power. Because of this, remember to always bring an extra spool with you.



Investing in pack of hooks in various sizes is a great choice and great value for the money. As a beginner, you can start with sizes one and two, which are appropriate for a wide range of fishing techniques and fish. (The bigger the size, the smaller the hook)


Baits and Lures

Lures are the part of the fishing equipment which are designed to attract fish and get them to take the bait. As a bite, fisherman usually use insects and worms. Lures are available in various colours, shapes and sizes, all used to trick the fish into biting. Fishing spoons are once of the most popular lures anglers use.


Sinkers and Floaters

Sinkers are accessories designed to stabilize your line, while floaters are used to keep the bait closer and to let you know when you have got a bite.


All of the above mentioned and many other pieces of fishing tackle you can find them available in any fishing equipment store. What items you choose will depend on when and where you fish, how long you fish and your personal preferences.