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How accurate is lie detector test over the phone?

How accurate is lie detector test over the phone? The voice stress analysis lie detector test is so accurate over the phone that law enforcement and government agencies, as well as big business use it and trust it every day. With an experienced examiner using the right testing protocols and the right VSA equipment can get accurate lie detector test results over the phone, as much as 98% accurate.

The police, for example, will use the lie detector test over the phone to analyze telephone calls that come in through their 911 emergency hotline. If the test results come back with deception indicated, then the police with do further investigation into the incident.

Another case to show how accurate the lie detector test over the phone is, is to demonstrate how the insurance industry saves millions of dollars each and every year but administering voice stress analysis tests over the telephone to catch people trying to commit insurance fraud. In the private sector, accurate lie detector tests over the phone are administered to catch unfaithful people in relationships, as well as used by psychologists to help their patients being treated for sexual addictions.

In addition to lie detector tests done over the phone for accuracy, these same tests can be done in person. The voice stress lie detector test is used by many different types of people for many types of criminal and civil incidents. It is also used for pre-employment screening so employers only hire the best and the most honest employee’s. Post-employment screening will show if the employee is still honest and obeying company rules. According to studies, about 60% of all bankruptcies are caused by internal theft by employees. Other studies show that for every $1 lost to shoplifting, about $20 is lost to internal theft. Voice stress analysis (VSA) has been famous worldwide, for nearly 50 years, because VSA gets complete and accurate results when testing people for previous knowledge or involvement of a serious situation and for psychological evaluations.

Voice stress lie detector tests over the phone is also used by private businesses, corporations, security companies, law enforcement and others for pre-employment screening. That test is done before hiring to confirm information on the application and honesty of the person, so the best applicant can be determined. VSA is used for post-employment testing. Post-employment testing is performed several months after the applicant has been hired to determine if the applicant is still an honest and reliable worker. This includes such things as did they commit any thefts or other activities that are not allowed by the employer. Employment screening is very important for security guards who have access to sensitive areas. Other employees, such as bookkeepers, accountants, computer users or others have positions who can cause very serious damage to a company. You will get information facts at does voice stress analysis really work.

Businesses also use the voice stress lie detector testing to solve specific internal theft incidents. Employers know using the VSA helps reduce or eliminate theft because the workers know they will be caught. Studies show for every dollar lost to shoplifting, about $20 is lost to internal theft. When book keepers, accountants, computer users and other high level employees embezzle, that will put a company out of business. Employees with access to computers can destroy a company by stealing information or erasing data. Once the data is erased, the data is gone, forever.

Now, the next time someone asks you, “How accurate is the lie detector test over the phone?”, you’ll be able to tell them.