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I am not too old for loud music.

I want to share this because I recently found out how badly my hearing has been damaged over the last 30 years. This topic is as good as any, to quote 'too old for rock and roll, too young to die', a lament of some sort.

Small, comfortable ear plugs like those available cheaply today, were not available in the 1980's and that's when I blew it, with all the concerts, and clubbing.

I don't want it to happen to others if it can be avoided, but it seems like people are not aware that the sound levels in clubs can incrementally damage hearing, a little every time.

The damage is slow and incremental and permanent. It's not even noticed over time.

20 years later you go the the audiologist because of having occasional issues understanding people in noisy environments and are told your hearing is badly damaged. I noticed I was reading peoples lips a lot when the room was noisy and went to the doctor.

People of all ages like music, and loud music. Feeling the sound is fun, and immersion for dancing etc. Please heed my words and don't let it happen to you.

Examples of ear plugs from a reputable firm are given, not an endorsement of a particular brand. The trouble if any is finding some that are clear or are maybe black?? or whatever. I don't let fashion stand in the way of safety. No one has noticed anyway.

"ACU-LIFE Foam Ear Plugs"

The cheapest are soft cylindrical foam plugs. Those reduce all sounds the most and will interfere with conversation.

"Music Impact Noise Reducing Ear Plugs"

non-valve, fixed internal diaphram type. They will reduce the perceived dynamic range of the sound and also interfere with conversation, but not as much as foam ones and these also have have lower distortion than the shooters (valve) type so musicians like them.

"Shooters Impact Noise Reducing Ear Plugs" (I prefer these)

valve-type, which block very high impulses as well as the loud music while fully letting normal conversation through. However, if you stand in right front of the bass speaker or some 500 watt PA speaker, you may notice distortion compared to the musicians type ear plugs, as the valve gets slammed open and shut with the sound pressure of the acoustic waves it's protecting you from. Not that it matters with some DJs as they tend to overdrive the bass to clipping, which irks me. I -can- still hear that.

These kinds are reflected


They have "NRR" ratings. The higher the better.

NRR 10 -reduces the energy to 1/10

NRR 20 -reduces the energy to 1/100

NRR 30 -reduces the energy to 1/1000

The good news is that a sound with 1/10 the energy still sounds 1/2 as loud, so not much is lost. 1/100 the energy sounds 1/4 as loud. cool.

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