What do insurance companies consider a sports car?

Insurance companies determine if your car has sports car features by accessing your VIN or vehicle identification number. Due to the diversity and cross-over trend in many of today's vehicles, these sports car features can be present in other autos as well.Engine SizeSports cars usually have larger engines to increase their speed. Speed is associated with these vehicles and results in higher insurance premiums.

Body SizeAccording to Johnny Pachuta, an insurance adjustor in Georgia, most sports cars are on the smaller side and most only have two doors.

Safety FeaturesBecause sports car are generally smaller and don't have added safety features like multiple air bags and large crumple zones (usually located in the front and sometimes rear part of a car; designed to absorb impact, therefore minimizing the force transmitted to the passenger compartment) they are considered a higher risk to insure.

ConvertibleSports cars often have convertible roofs. Pachuta says the risk associated with not having a hard top on your vehicle to protect you in case of a crash is cause for concern to your insurance agent.

ColorAlthough the color red is often linked to sports cars, having a red car alone will not classify your vehicle as one. However, If it has features like a larger engine, two doors or a spoiler then you can expect to get dinged with a sports car insurance premium.

Source:Johnny Pachuta, insurance adjuster; Pachuta Insurance; Watkinsville, Georgia

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