SNAPCHAT HACK | SNAPCHAT SCORE HACKthe application to send photos and videos that are destroying themselves, just find an opponent. The Sepia Software developer launched an application called Screenshot Save for Snapchat, which as its name suggests, allows you to record the images that your friends send you into Snapchat. For those who do not know, Snapchat photos sent to disappear forever in a few seconds. You read: photos sent on Snapchat servers disappear a few seconds after the first consultation. This feature has made Snapchat a "sexting" network: Users have fun exchanging incriminating photos, embarrassing and often sexual nature. But despite the terms of use Snapchat prohibiting the operation of such applications Screenshot Save for Snapchat recovers precious photos and videos. To use the application, you must log in with your account Snapchat (which automatically disconnects you from the Snapchat application), and when a message arrives, you can choose to save it, unless it has already been seen. The free version includes pop-up advertisements, and stores images with a watermark within the app. If you pay the application then allows you to record messages directly into your actual size gallery without watermarks. Snapchat is available for iOS and Android....snapchat hack