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So i went to go turn off the bathe in the bathrrom & i see three gentle switches.. when there is usually only one, & the lights had been off so i attempted turning all of them on a few occasions and it did not work so i step in just a little father & then i look down and see a girl Best 2 Step Squeeze Page Creator simply sitting there, i've by no means been so scared in my life. I have 20 years.I skilled 2 times now the primary time i tried to move and tried to talk and and i am unable to say i used to be truly terrified about 2 seconds handed then i moved.

Anyways, all of a sudden all I see is white and my whole physique is shaking like it's being electricuted and one of many 2 instances I hear someone tell me not to do one thing I had been eager about doing. The third time it happened it was manner totally different from the first 2. I used to be in a hotel room with my dad and mom. But for the primary 2 I'm not sure if might or not as a result of I didn't try because I kinda favored it. Additionally I do not suppose I was lying on my back throughout any of them. Plus I wasn't even asleep but for the first 2. Plus they only occurred for a few seconds.

It simply happened 2 nights ago and i do not no when or why it can happen once more, i have by no means seen scary imges or nuthng of that kind its simply the very fact of being totally concious and never in a position to transfer is the scary a part of all of this. It could occur 2 or 3 times throughout a nap on the couch, and I would have lucid dream of my sleep surroundings. Each step was like a toddler's walk - very awkward, exxagerated vast sweeping steps. So she left and i take into consideration 2 mins later i feel back to sleep, and this is once i had a thought in my mind that i did not have to take a shower as a result of i had already took one the night time earlier than.

I tried to squeeze her arm with every factor i had and i assumed i did.... my eye lids solely opend an inch i then noticed i black mass coming in the direction of me and three times that awful downpres on my chest happend. I dremnt that I was struggling to get up off of the couch to get away from the evil presence and I bought 2 ft away and fell on the ground. At some point i have suffered sleep paralysis all nights for 2 weeks after wacthing the high blood dead man!!!