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reyarch is Making 2015’s Call of Duty
Activison announced Treyarch was the studio handling the 2015 Call of Duty release in early February. With that revelation many speculated on what that meant for the next game. Could it be World at War 2?

{The first thing you should know regarding mod menuIn early April teasers showing certain symbols began showing up in the form of ads in Black Ops II, which were used to open up a Call of Duty Snapchat account. Shortly after releasing a “Back in Black” teaser filled with clues about the impending Call of Duty announcement, Activision confirmed Black Ops III was a reality and would be releasing in 2015.console ID.

A new gameplay trailer for Black Ops III premiered on April 26th, bringing with it new information about multiplayer and revealing a release date for November 6, 2015.GTA V.

Sony Announces Newly Acquired Call of Duty Limited Exclusivity on PlayStation 4console ID and .
One of Sony’s more curious announcements at E3 2015 was that of PlayStation’s acquisition of the Call of Duty franchise timed exclusivity. Previously held by Microsoft for Xbox consoles since 2007’s Modern Warfare, this announcement revealed Call of Duty’s DLC would release first on PlayStation, making Sony’s current-gen platform the “official” Call of Duty platform.

Setting the Stage and .
Set in the year 2065, Black Ops III begins when militaries have developed tech-rendering drones practically unusable. In response to this, soldiers have been given tech granting them greater control over their physiology, including the use of cybernetic limbs.mod menu.

After a Black Ops team goes missing during a mission to Singapore, a significant and . amount of military intelligence is leaked out. This is where Black Ops III’s campaign begins. Watch our 5-minute recap of the Black Ops saga thus far in our video below.