SEO Linking: 200 New, Great Directories

SEO Linking: 200 New, Great Directories

Report Directories: The Brand New Internet Link Websites?

We are witnessing a fresh explosion in net directories that are actually worth the investment in time to submit to them. No, perhaps not link directories--t...

Summary: Are article directories the newest Search Engine Optimization link directories? As 1990s-era link directories fade in-to irrelevance, article directories offer new opportunities for one-way inbound links. There are currently about 200 of the sites, none of which charges a price.

Article Directories: The Newest Net Link Sites?

We are seeing a fresh surge in internet sites that are really worth the investment over time to send to them. No, maybe not link directories--their time has passed permanently. I discovered read more by browsing the Internet. The brand new directories are post directories.

What Are Article Directory Sites?

Post directories are sites such as and, which aggregate many articles in to huge, classified databases. A lot of them become clearinghouses for publishing content, encouraging visitors to include the content to their own sites. The articles are tested for simple indicators of quality and meaning before being placed.

The posts each have an author's reference box, an 'about the writer' passage at the end of the article. The sites allow authors to include a link, and often, multiple links, in the resource package.

I personally know around 200 such directories that may take articles on any topic--with a live link and without asking a fee. You'll find at least as many specific directories that restrict them-selves to business-only articles, women's problems, technology, and so on. All you need is just one great page of well-written content--and in case your site does not have that presently, you probably should quit your on line dreams right now.

Article Submission Sites' Linking Rewards

* Anchor text. About two-thirds of the article submission sites enable the writer to choose the anchor text of the link in the author's resource field. This is actually the key benefit of the links from your article submission sites. The article directory pages usually have PR 0; some have PR 1-3. Luckily, anchor text is usually a determining element in ranking for non-competitive search strings that produce up as much as half or even more of all internet searches. To read more, consider peeping at: link emperor result. These links also may help a website that already has competitive PageRank but gets beaten in the SERPs for want of anchor text importance.

* Relevant links. The links are at least as appropriate as links from link websites. The page where the link is situated is categorized within the website in accordance with subjects such as automotive, engineering, decorating, or activities. Learn further on an affiliated use with by clicking look into link emporor. Since the majority of the directories use the article title whilst the webpage title, you may also guarantee that the title of the webpage with your link has your target keyword.