The Most Up To Date Information About Hepatitis C

Your liver plays a significant role in ridding your body of waste and helping you absorb nutrients from the food you eat. When your liver is damaged, serious repercussions may result. One of the more prevalent reasons for serious dilapidation of the liver is Hepatitis.

What is Hepatitis you may want to know? Hepatitis caused by infection by a virus.

How Can Someone Contract Hep C ?

- Sharing needles while injecting drugs
- Using unsanitary equipment when applying tattoos or body piercing
- Infection from infectious blood or equipment. This is common among medical professionals
- Receiving a blood transfusion prior to
- Sex with many partners while not utilizing condoms
- Past STD infections
- Individuals that have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS

Please note that it is not a simple matter to spread Hepatitis to other people. Simple contact, a kiss, sneezing or coughing, eating with someone's fork or infant feeding do not transmit the infection.

Symptoms of Liver Disease

Many individuals which are infected with Hepatitis do not show any signs or symptoms. Indeed a diagnosis for Hepatitis can be made 10-20 years after you've first been infected with the virus. But, those that do experience signs from Hepatitis often feel as if they have the flu. These signs may include:

Sore muscles
Joint pain
Elevated temperature
Poor appetite or nausea
Stomach pain
Itching skin
Dark-colored urine
Yellow skin or eyes

Diagnosing Hepatitis C

If you've been diagnosed with Hepatitis, it is beneficial to stay calm. A multitude of medications are applicable to slow the progress of the virus and cure the infection permanently. Make sure to talk about medications with your doctor as well as two new Hepatitis drugs that have been approved by the FDA most recently.

Hepatitis Somplications

Sometimes, Hepatitis may turn into a chronic disease that goes away by itself and then comes back over and over. additional details in regards to treatment of hepatitis c