How to Get Vacuum Truck Certification!

Are you looking to become a vacuum truck operator, driver or part of the crew and need to know how to obtain a certification? Do you already have a job with a vacuum truck company and need to expand your knowledge? Whichever of the two applies, there is various training available both in classroom and internet settings that could be very suitable. Here's a quick guide on how to accomplish the goal of vacuum truck certification!


Begin the process by analyzing your current situation and being sure that you are ready for the commitment to do what it takes to earn such a certification. It is a commitment not only of the time to do the training but the cost as well.

Types of Courses

There are various courses and types of training available; be sure to know what specialization within the overall job classification is the one you need or want to take. Below is a list of the different specializations that are offered for certification.

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