The 5 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Every Water Blasting Company Before You Hire Them

Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean the exterior of your house to give it a fresh new appeal.

However washing a house is a cumbersome, huge task involving a lot of labour and effort, and due to lack of time or for other reasons you may not be inclined to take up the work by yourself and prefer hiring a water-blasting contractor to do the job for you.

Before you award a contract for water blasting your house to a contractor, you must be sure they are properly qualified to undertake the work of water blasting your house; otherwise you face a risk of sustaining costly damage to your property.

However, you must first educate yourself by doing some dedicated research on the risks involved in water blasting and how these risks can be minimized. The knowledge gained will let you understand things better and enable you to distinguish between a company providing quality services and someone doing mediocre work.

1. What services will your water blasting company provide?

Every good domestic water blasting company should be able to provide high pressure water blasting for a house wash, roof top cleaning, cleaning driveways, cleaning brick walls, cleaning garage floors and car-parks, removal of grease, oil, graffiti, gum, cleaning eaves and hard to reach areas and also provide hot water blasting where found necessary.

2. What procedures and techniques does your company use for water blasting?

Once they provide you with this information you know what to expect. Request a written summary of the work involved outlining the entire cleaning process, as this will help you to ascertain that all the work is being carried out as planned.

Additionally, it will let you make a comparison with other contractors, before you make your final decision on the contractor to water blast your house.

3. Does your company have proper liability insurance?

Don't accept a verbal 'yes'. Ask to see the papers and read them carefully, to make sure that you will not be burdened with any liability in the event of any accidental mishap while work is being done at your premises, resulting in injury, loss. Also check whether they are covered for damage to property
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