His teammates have come to discourage

The players were punished erect middle finger In a wonderful scene appeared yesterday in the Brazilian league, international defender Fabrício due to intolerable side of the fans booed and showed them the middle finger, the referee when he was sent off soon, very happy seeing international fans even applauded, Fabrizio sent off runaway emotions, even his teammates could not hold him, he said after the game will not be for the international team Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

Fans cheer has always been one of the key factors in the team to win, but discord is likely to be a bad outcome if the two sides, the Brazilian international team is for us to prove this point. In the Brazilian state of a league, fans of the international team of the party's performance at leftback Fabrício very unhappy, and constantly booed their latter finally could not stand, after an offensive pass the ball to his teammates, he went to the sidelines, raised his hands to the audience out of the middle finger erect!

Insulted fans more angry, abusive and debris avalanche.More amazing scene ensued, when the referee immediately showed the red card to Fabricio! Fabricio were doubly angry stimulated international team jersey ripped prepare thrown on the ground, his teammates have come to discourage, but made a mad Fabricio desperately want to please his teammates blocking international fans to see him sent off but cheer up, dancing and clapping irony.If you want to learn more related content and Fifa 15 Coins from Crystal Palace upset Man City wins The influence of FIFA transfer embargo Fifa 16 Coins.