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What is the worse scenario: you can pay late and with a fine. So why bother too much. The 10th house shows pilgrimage to holy places or journey on duty). By delegating you reduce the burden of your mind and find some time for relaxation. These two issues are usually the topics of discussion in modern day society. And the best of the benefits is that you dont get any side-effects. Do More What You Fear You talk to people and you get nervous and tensed. This is depicted in the play through the marriages of Nerrisa and Gratiano who get married to each other after knowing each other for only a few hours; Bassano and Portio also get married without prior knowledge of one another. Youd be hurt that she betrayed you, but deep down youd still love her. Delegate Your Work annunci porno and Worries Only two types of persons are tension-free in this world: One who works so hard that there is hardly a place where any tension can fit, and second who delegates his work and worries to others. It may include, therefore, a journey .5th house connected with malefic will bring in separation from children and benefices in 5 indicate visit to holy places to fulfill ones; the house is to make a journey and to have some breaks on the journey while proceeding or while returning home. This simply isnt true. When the work is better you can buy a car again. There is no money in your account, the cheque will bounce, the company man will knock at your door, company may drag you to court for non-payment. Only then you will be able to write a plan to solve the problems.