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Are you searching for foreign and wonderful dishes prepared with sophistication? In need of a glamorous and genuine new dining experience? If you're searching for the best diners in Lancaster PA, and a dining experience like no other, then a trip to the Taj Mahal Authentic Indian Cuisine is exactly what you need.

At Taj Mahal in Lancaster, we provide a large array of authentic Indian meals. During our lunch buffet and our dinner hours, you will discover exquisite meat-free and non-vegetarian meals, such as seafood, vegetable entrees, desserts, chicken, lamb, and a wide wine assortment. On the dining website, you can study a thorough list of all of our fabulously cooked dishes.

Here at Taj Mahal, we make an effort to guarantee that our customers receive the greatest eating time possible, and this covers special occasions. Our catering service lets our staff assist you in planning any and all significant occasions, no matter if it's a birthday celebration, wedding reception, anniversary, or office meeting. We shall provide you either buffet style or catered meal type spreads, and turn every special event into a amazing one.

For nearly 20 years, our restaurant has been devoted to offering a unique and authentic dining experience for guests. Our atmosphere is influenced by gorgeous native Indian, with tapestries and a model of the real Taj Mahal, and our food is as bona fide as you will ever find. several of our recipes have been handed down for several generations, and we will provide you with a dining experience like you've never had. Whether you show up for the meals, the beautiful atmosphere, or to transform an ordinary occasion into an extraordinary one, Taj Mahal in Lancaster, PA is the perfect restaurant for you!

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