Nordic style curtains

Nordic style minimalist style makes breakthrough based on simple style. It uses relatively simple color and generally the entire space by a 2-3 colors from China curtain manufacturer. Scandinavian style uses only lines, color space and functional areas which will be able to distinguish.


Nowadays young people like new things. Compared to the traditional Chinese style and often minimalist, Scandinavian style is better highlight their taste and personality, using a bright color, reflecting the desire of young people for life and love. Nordic-style curtains coming from embroidery curtain wholesale in China with large areas of color based, coupled with bleak texture, the selection of curtains, to choose the best according to hue space, home color to white, beige and other light-based, curtains are available in the same color relatively deep color; if space is dominated by dark curtains use the same color dark curtains or light curtains with a distinct texture style.


Of course, to some extent, high quality jacquard curtain is also popular among young customers. You can try if you need home decoration now.