1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu produced the next comments:

"Inside The encounter of the trend of terrorism, we're using a and organized strategy supports, supporting for the causes, prevention measures and emotional methods. Nowadays we shall start to examine measures against incitement, like the Islamic Activity, which will be one of the top inciters, and its particular resources of money.

Israel can't take the German draft decision in the Us Security Israel Council.

Properly, we have witnessed throughout the Middleeast in Palmyra, in Iraq, throughout Iraq and elsewhere how a militant Muslims boost one anotheris mosques towards the atmosphere. We have simply viewed it in a Jewish sacred website, John's Grave. Simply Israel, Israel alone, may be the guarantor of the sacred sites about the Temple Mount.

the main reason the status quo continues to be broken isn't since we altered it. We didnt alter something. The instructions of prayer, the visiting privileges haven't altered going back 15 years.

Israel isn't the issue to the Temple Mount. Israel may be the alternative. Israel could be the only celebration this and certainly will proceed to take action reliably and critically."

Prime Minister Netanyahu also resolved the problem of deregulation, or, "activities against extreme government and regulatory paperwork." He likewise desired Israelis school and university students properly within the fresh instructional year, which begins today.


3. The Cupboard outlined and accepted the draft model of the 2015 Minute Broadcasting Authority Legislation.

4. The Showcase outlined and authorized draft changes to regulation regarding authorities specialist to conduct queries.

5. The Case authorized capital for numerous Jewish Organization applications.


Health Ministry Deputy Director Standard for Medical Systems Dr. Osnat Luxemburg briefed ministers on Health Ministry activities to simplify legislation vis--vis medicines, cosmetics and medical equipment.

7. The Showcase reviewed an idea to cut back the regulatory problem concerning the enrollment to build companies.


Prime Minister Netanyahu briefed ministers about the ways which were consumed subsequent current Protection Case conclusions.