The Peterson Group Review: Best Accessories for 1st half of 2015

The Peterson Group Review: Best Accessories for 1st half of 2015

We are nearing the holidays as “ber” months are already here. Classes have just started but everyone is looking forward to long vacations ahead.


Another thing to look forward to, modern gadgets have sped up fast with thousands of new inventions emerging from different manufacturers. With mobile phone growing in number this year, there are also accessories which continue to increase.


As so many good reviews are continuously gathering steam, the best of the best also increase in number, competing with each other with a fiercer need to be recognized. Sony, LG, Samsung and iPhones have a number of accessories that took the mainstream for the first half of 2015. Technologies have started to reinvent and reinstate greater models of advanced accessories, making mobile phone usage more prominent than ever. 


The following list is reviewed to be the best accessories which have already gained popularity and is predicted to continue doing so until the end of the year:


1. Phone Cameras


One of the most used features in smart phones nowadays is the camera. It has become more convenient and easier to store each memory and capture each moment with portable cameras found in mobile phones. Yet, some smart phone cameras may not be able to adhere to the expected quality. By adding attachable lens to your device, your smart phones may be able to capture upto 25mps of image quality.


Sony has been most notable in developing cities which have highest numbers of selfie ever taken. Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia and Tokyo, Japan use Sony QX30 which can be compatible to a broad spectrum of mobile phone units. This is a particularly nice accessory to pick up if your smartphone’s native camera struggles in low light settings.


2. Smart Phone Printers


Although storing pictures in the cloud has become mainstream because of its convenience and easy access, a lot of people still choose to have a physical copy of their photos and put it in some shoebox. Polaroid cameras have been influential as well but the new smart phone printers are also gathering its own patrons.


Fujifilm is the first name in the list with the best digital camera. This cool accessory is compatible to both iOs and Android. The lithium battery in it enables you to print more than 100 copies before it needs to be changed.


3. Monopod


Monopod or selfie sticks have been popular since 2014 but this year, almost all owners of mobile phones have one. The outback pole is the leading brand in this field but other brands are also available in the market.