The Best Car Accessory Is Not A Gadget

The Impact of an DUI on Your Car Insurance Premiums Many states have recently placed bans on sending text messages while driving. According to statistical research, new driver car insurance drivers who text are six times more likely to cause a car accident than drivers whore drunk. Given the prevalence of drunk driving accidents, it is no wonder that texting has also been banned. In addition to lives lost and injuries sustained, there are more far-reaching consequences of car accidents a result of drunk drivers. These consequences are financial in addition to physical. Drunk driving costs American taxpayers between 21 and 24 billion dollars every year, based on legally to have. More generally, in accordance with National Geographic, irresponsible drinking costs $136 billion each and every year in the United States alone. Dont have time and energy to read? Why not take your books together with you anywhere you go. Invest in a few good audio books and tune in to them whilst you drive. They will come in especially useful around the drive back. Imagine the easing drop of stress and pressure while you drive far from a hectic job environment towards sunny climes of your fine work of fiction, narrated for you by the calm and soothing voice. You will find your worries and cares just melting off because you become immersed in the interesting story. Get an oil change and so the gunk is out of the engine and youve got quicker engine starts. The quicker the engine starts the less wear about the battery and the sooner you happen to be warm and toasty. Always keep your gas tank full. It is best to fill your auto gas tank in the event the gauge shows half full. The extra weight can help for better traction and if you ought to get stranded an entire tank of gas will probably be added safety in your case. When you also take into account that these courses will help you avoid filing a claim by letting you avoid and deal with dangerous situations, you can easily see why there is certainly this kind of big payoff for both the driver as well as the insurance provider. In fact many insurance companies have even begun to offer discounts to teen drivers who successfully complete this type of course, as well as the discounts offered to older drivers who have the same type of training.