Engine Data Management Experimental System By JP Instruments

Engine Data Management Experimental System By JP Instruments

J.P. Instruments has been designing and manufacturing aircraft engine data management systems since 1979.

The latest “experimental” aircraft engine data management systems for single engine aircraft include the:


EDM 740


Dynamically (self-adjusting) EGT and CHT readouts so you can watch all cylinders at once. Requires a 3.125-inch instrument hole and the barrel is offset and the display can be turned any side up.


Without the connectors the EDM 740 is just 2 inches deep and the faceplate is 4.23 inches (h) by 3.195 inches wide.


Key features include user-defined redlines and alarms and a large single-line display that magnifies the values of other indications; you scroll through the display’s choices with the STEP button.


The EDM 740 is an intelligent dynamic system that monitors engine performance based on user inputs and settings. The EDM 740 also features an accurate engine-power calculator.


EDM 930


The EDM 930 Slimline Pressure Gauge engine data management experimental system includes hands-free automatic scanning, front panel programming, incorporates revolutionary LeanFind™ for true peak, fast response probes, non-volatile long term memory.


30-hour downloadable data storage, fuel display in user defined choice that includes gallons, kilograms, litres or pounds, GPS interface, historical data, Hobbs timer and everything else you expect to find in a good Aircraft Flight Instruments engine data management system.


Slim-Line gauges


The experimental Slim-Line gauges are miniature digital engine instruments that incorporate all engine functions and temperature monitoring requirements. These are FAA TSO approved, Oil Temp, CHT and TIT are TSO-FAA Primary approved for certified aircraft. Tachometer is STC advisory approved, Instruments are 2? wide, 1? high and 3? deep, mounting bezel available for 2.25? hole. Weight 0.19 lbs work with 12 or 24 volts systems.


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