Install or Repair Hardwood Surfaces for That Elegant and Stylish Look

For many people, the home is one of the most expensive and personal items they will ever buy. This is why it is important to search for the place that fits them and their family. In some instances, the homeowner will search for comfort while others may require simple beauty. The former is a bit subjective since people find comfort in various ways, but the latter can usually be found with simple materials such as stone and hardwood flooring.

The use of hardwoods is the perfect choice for floors since this type of wood provides extreme durability and a long service life. Plus, a quality how to refinish hardwood floors will allow for future repairs and easier finishing. As a hardwood floor ages, the surface develops scratches, gouges and other types of damage. There are two ways to fix this problem, but both of them can be demanding. The first is refinishing the floor and the second is restoring the finish. The major difference between the two is the amount of work involved.

Hardwood restoration is usually required whenever the damage to the finish doesnt reach the wood. This is usually wear marks from continual usage. This type of damage is visible because the glaze on the finish becomes dull and wax or other polishes wont restore it properly. This process requires a lot of cleaning and preparation, but it can usually be done without the use of heavy sanding equipment.

The act of refinishing a floor is much more difficult method of hardwood floor repair. Once the space has been prepared, the floor will need to be sanded. This is not a one step process because the sanding system needs to use various levels of grit. Course grit may be used to remove the top layer of finish and for eliminating any signs of scratches. However, it is important to apply finer grit for a smoother floor surface. If the sanding is too course, the poor results may show in the final product.

Repairing and refinishing a hardwood floor is not a job that most homeowner should attempt on their own. It takes very little effort to damage one or more of the hardwood planks by sanding them to far. When this happens, it may be necessary to contact the experienced hardwood flooring contractors to remedy the problem. This sort of repair will require replacement of the damaged boards and a sanding process that smooths the new boards in place without damaging any remaining ones. However, the final result is always worth the effort.