German Roofing Company Said To Have “Racist” Logo

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From Washington Post:

Some would say that German businessman Thomas Neger has an unfortunate last name translated, it has the same meaning as the historical term negro and some consider it the German equivalent of the n-word. Even his critics acknowledge that changing names is tough. What has caused much more anger and outrage is Negers company logo, which advertises his roofer company. Many say that the logo is more than just unfortunate. They call it racist.

The logo is becomingincreasingly divisive inthe western German city of Mainz where Negers company is based. Neger himselfis not only abusinessman, but also a local representative for Angela Merkels conservative CDU partyand the issue of the logo has now become politicized. Felix Schmitt, a spokesperson for the Green Party,reported the logo to Facebook. The social networkthen deleted the symbol from Thomas Negers company profile because ofits offensive content.

On his Twitter account, Schmittsaid that he has since received threats for reporting the logo to Facebook. In an e-mail to The Washington Post, Schmitt defended Neger. Im sure Negeris shocked, as well, Schmitt wrote.


When asked about the controversy, Neger told The Postthat he blamed his critics for the recent escalation and that he had no intention to change the image. The goalof my grandfather was to create a strong and proud company logo and according to my own experience, black people in particular have reacted positively to itin the past, he said.

Blackstudentswho raised criticism over the company logo now say that they are also being harassed online and fear for their safety after they received death threats. The female students hadfounded a Facebook group called Out with thelogo For a world without racism, where they posted photos of themselves holding posters with anti-racism messages.