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Is the R4i 3ds with a new 2016 version? The R4i gold pro, dual core and rts lite 2016 all are prepared to release out. When will R4i 3ds be updated again? And in the upcoming year 2016, r4i 3ds or sky3ds card, which is better to buy for playing free game on 3ds 10.2 and future 10.3/10.4? I try to give you some answers here.
If you browse the site, you can find them update their 2015 r4isdhc card to the 2016 version. But notice 3 r4isdhc cards will have the newest version, other 2 ones are still the same.

R4I SDHC RTS 3DS is the card you can see here. Not any new card is released or updated. And there is no need for it too! Why? Because R4I 3DS card with v1.82b kernel supports greatly on 3DS V10.2.0-28 and DSI V1.45. Unlike updates their card by only changing the new year mark or moding some card appearence, R4i-sdhc team is very cautious with the updating. For example, they can release new kernel to improve card performamce, they can offer patch to do card update, however, they have no interest to do meaningless things. The R4ISDHC cards in 2016 version is still the same ones in 2015. By the way, R4I SDHC RTS 3DS is the best selling card to customers in the world, you won't get old version R4i 3ds card which produced for months, so we also can say when you buy R4i sdhc rts 3ds card in the year 2016, you choose the 2016 R4 card.
First of all, either 2016 R4i 3ds or Sky3ds is very likely to support free game roms on future 3ds system 10.3 or 10.4/10.5. R4 card which supports ds games is no longer the thorn in Nintendo's eyes. Those 3ds cfws and free hack exploits upset Nintendo really! Sky3ds which emulates the retail game card is not easy to block. If Nintendo want to ban it, they have to lost the old games they released before. So to the future updated 3ds system, 2016 R4I 3DS and Sky3ds can work in generally!

Which is better? It's not depended on the cards but up to you!

You want to play 3ds games, it's sky3ds not 2016 r4i 3ds supports 3ds roms, so buy sky3ds!
You want to play ds games,it's 2016 r4i 3ds not sky3ds supports ds roms, so buy r4i 3ds card.
You want to play both 3ds and ds games,the only option is buying the 2 cards. No other way!
You want to play GBA and SNES games, r4 card GBA/SNES emulator isn't that good and sky3ds doesn't support. So recommend you buy Dstwo Plus or try with 3DS 2.5 Homebrews.

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