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Keep an Eye on Your Car to Keep it Road Legal Navigating the path can be quite a complicated and stressful process. Even the streets you travel daily for work or school can be suddenly riddled with surprises and obstructions, which makes them new and foreign territories. Because of this it is vital that you always take measures to be focused while driving. There are many everyday activity that drivers can participate in while when driving that constitute distracted driving tendencies. Distracted driving is dangerous and must be ignored when possible. By knowing what steps can help your focus on one goal while youre on the path, you might be better suited to protect yourself and those you worry about. The first thing we can do to raise more awareness and push for better laws is usually to have in mind the facts. The Department of Transportation estimates that there are 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries directly due to distracted driving each year. While Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood considers distractions the main killer of teenagers nationwide, it affects adults as well. Of all injury crashes last year, by way of example, 20% involved reports of excessive cell phone use. The police use test kits (e.g. elisa test kit) whenever they caught teenagers on motor vehicle collisions to ascertain if alcohol has connected with the problem. Once proven that the driver is drunk, the cops take necessary actions and would also (though injured) hold the drunken teenager as to blame for all of the damage. After recovery, read more the driver might still spend time in jail (but could pay bail themselves anytime, therefore it is form of useless still, but who cares) to purchase the crime they did. · Electronics: Cell phone use while driving is becoming increasingly illegal nationwide. There is a cause of this. Texting and talking on your cellphone not simply takes one of ones hands from the controls (which significantly decreases your ability to react safely, should a major accident or obstruction suddenly occur), just about all takes your attention from what is happening in front of you. Nissan has attempted to mitigate this worry by installing a back-up clutch system. This means that if there was clearly a failure, the machine would link the tyres for the tire. This is only a short-term measure. Nissan make an effort to get rid of the requirement for the fail safe down the road. Another objective of the machine was to increase fuel efficiency by reducing weight. But insurance firms the fail safe set up, this is not achieved.