What Is The MUSE Drug For Erection?

What Is The MUSE Drug For Erection?

I would like to talk about MUSE. This is a urethral suppository. Yes, it's actually a little tiny rice size suppository that goes down the urethra through the hole at the tip of your penis. Muse stands for medicated urethral suppository for erection. It is the urethral suppository that we give the right down the urethra to dilate blood vessels.


You tear open the packet; you drop it in your hand. This is the applicator; it looks like this. The applicator has the drug already preloaded inside of it. After your urinate, so the urethra is nice and wet, you can skip the applicator down to the tip of your penis, up to here, it goes in this far. When you skip  the applicator into your penis and then push the button to drop the drug inside, the drug falls into your wet your urethra. Remember, you have just urinated. When the drug gets into the moist urethra you are going to take out the applicator from the tip of your penis and roll the penis between your hands, I say for about ten to thirty seconds. Most of the patients do it for about thirty seconds to make sure it is good and dissolved in there.


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Once it dissolves or travel across the urethra it dilate the blood vessels, and your penis will become engorged with blood.


The good thing is it is easy; it is simple to use. The bad thing is it doesn't work for everybody, about 45% of men will get an erection hard enough for sex.  And it can have some side effects. Some men don't get any side effects, but the most common side effect is an achy pain in the penis, an achy feeling within the penis from the medication. And that happens in about a third of the men who use the drug.


You can scratch yourself and get a little bleeding but if you are careful, that probably won't happen.


We like to try the first dose of MUSE in the clinic to make sure your blood pressure is ok, and you don't have any adverse side effects and so we can see how well it is going to work for you in particular.


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