Alternatives to On-Site International airport Parking

Parking a vehicle at the airport is convenient, but it is also expensive, especially on a long-term basis. Some travelers prefer it because they can just get in their cars and go home after a long flight. People who travel for business can write off the parking expense as a tax deduction, or they may have an expense account, so the high cost is not an issue. For average people, who have saved all year for a vacation, alternatives to the price of LaGuardia Airport parking are most welcomed.

Of course, getting a friend or family member to drop you off at the airport is ideal because there will be no parking costs, but that is not always possible. If coming to a major airport from another State, taking a bus will cost a lot less than long-term parking. A one-way ticket is low, and the bus will drop travelers off at the correct terminal. Large bus stations allow passengers to park for free in their lots while they are away. They run at regular times, so getting back to the station upon return will not be a hassle.

Searching the internet for websites that offer daily deals or discount coupons, is one way to get laguardia parking rates. Be sure to check the fine print on any deals or coupons that appear to comply with parking needs. Some have specific dates for which they are valid, some have restrictions, and others may expire before travelers are ready to redeem them. Check back often as offers change rapidly on many websites. The cheapest LGA parking rates can be found at off-site parking lots that are in close proximity to the airport. They all provide free shuttles to and from the airport that operate day and night. Reservations are needed because lots fill up quickly. Planning ahead is essential to ensure space on the dates of travel. Lots are not just for the airport, so be advised that if it is holiday time, or a big event is happening in the city, lots will be at capacity, so make reservations as early as possible. Most lots have a policy of charging no penalty fees for cancellations, so there is nothing to lose if plans change. Pricing varies between lots, so compare a few before booking space.

There are some hotels in the area that allow guests to park for free while they are on a trip. A shuttle will get travelers to and from the airport at any time. If the flight leaves early or arrives late, this option is great, and will save money over airport parking. Links to hotels and off-site lots are available, along with other LGA parking tips on AirporParking Helper. The site also provides links to other sites for parking suggestions for other major airports, such as Logan, JFK, Newark Airport, and Bradley.