How much profit does a gas station make per gallon of gasoline?

I believe the stations can make anywhere from 30-40 cents per gallon, it's really the "company" that own the gas station, so If it's an Arco owned, and operated and leased to a dealer, the dealer makes a certain amount on the fuel, let's say .10 to.12 cents max on the gallon at what ever the fuel is set by the actual "company" or Jobber, or Distributor; the rest goes to the "company" that owns the equipment, land etc. So if the dealer has the prices increased he/she "dealer" has to always add or increase his share of the pie, at .10 cents-.12 cents, if he get's too greedy, and can't sell volume, he wont make the rent, or make his profit, now the trick is for the dealer to purchase the actual