How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate the Tires on Your Vehicle

Driving Tips: Car Maintenance Checklist In order for your engine to perform effectively, the pistons inside combustion chambers must synchronize perfectly while using rasing and lowering of the intake and exhaust valves. The timing of ones pistons and valves is affected by many parts. One of them can be your timing belt (TB). It replaced the chains that have been found in vehicles sometime ago. The advantage is because make less noise and they are less costly to generate. The downside is that theyre less durable than chains. In fact, without providing proper maintenance for your car, you will incur some unnecessary auto repairs who have now become necessary. In many cases, the failure to manage your motor vehicle properly can result in expensive mechanical repairs. For example, you may notice that your particular autos water pump is acting funny (vibrating or making unusual sounds), and also you dont visit an automobile repair service center to make it looked at, your water pump may cause a lot more harm to the automobile if it doesnt work at all. Its important to deal with auto repairs as soon as you realize the call to accomplish that. Its is proven that by using a cell phone whilst driving slows reactions down by around 50% and constitutes a crash four times more likely. These figures alone should be enough to influence individuals to leave their phone alone whilst driving, if its really important then pull over and answer the call. Mobiles are only something that can distract drivers, satellite navigation systems that are essentially built to make our trips easier, can often be very distracting and will lead to drivers becoming frustrated when signal is lost. Do check you air conditioner filter regularly. This item is straightforward to forget which is within cover plus a clogged filter doesnt act up immediately but rather degrades performance as time passes. When it is time to replace your air filter, consider buying an aftermarket reusable filter. These have the advantage of better performance and much longer life given that they may be cleaned. As experience is gained, so ones expectations change. What cheap insurance for new drivers was a big, fast car appears to morph into something somewhat dull. Besides a friend had purchased a Sunbeam Rapier which not just seemed able to out accelerate the ZB, but had other new toys to experience by using these as overdrive! Time for something new. From somewhere I acquired a lightly customised Hillman Minx. It had been stripped of the chrome, had a corner door handles removed and reduced, with fat (for time) wheels as well as the obligatory twin choke Weber. Finished off with quarter bumpers, it looked quite neat (for the Hillman Minx). The drummer in a very local band took an expensive for it and offered me 100 (and also a leather waistcoat). I was tempted because to get a few weeks I had regularly been pressing my nose against the window of the local car dealers showroom.