Nationally Accredited Company Supplies Marines With Useful Products

The next time you board an airplane to your vacation destination, notice an army helicopter glide in the sky above or observe the speed of a high-performance plane, consider the intricate parts that make them work. Many people don't know that there is an entire industry of suppliers behind the scenes, ensuring the safe performance of these necessary vehicles and aircraft.

For instance, the same way your automobile has an oil filter, air filter and fuel filter, high performance aircraft, marine machines and army choppers contain their own filters that must be maintained. Part of that process is replacing a multitude of specialty filters such as industrial mesh filters. But unlike the various filters in our regular automobiles, the filters in military vehicles and high performance planes cannot be picked up at the auto store down the street.

The filters created for military planes vary. While one type of aircraft may need mesh filter units, a different one might need a coalescing or hydraulic filter units. Almost every aircraft filter is specifically created for the plane itself and doesn't fit in other applications.

Stainless steel filter units are often used in situations where paper filters simply will not work. Stainless steel wire mesh filter units are made up of multiple layers that are able to withstand extreme temps., high pressure and fluids that could damage disposable filtration systems. Typical applications are helicopters and military aircraft.

Now who makes the filtration systems that ensure America's army fleet or even space craft run at peak performance? National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program approved companies create aerospace and other essential pieces for the US government, including those utilized on military helicopters and the Space Shuttle. The United States government and most industrialized nations won't work with companies who are not NADCAP approved, because these companies have not demonstrated the standards for quality necessary to ensure safety. Manufacturers that practice the established protocols are also known as as9100 verified contractors since they have undergone rigorous processes and shown a knowledge of the functional procedures for these high-performance vehicles.