To Pee or Not To Pee

The question of wetsuit urination

If it hasnt happened to you already, it'll. You descend to 15 feet, and youll have the sudden urge. You cant maintain it. And theres no way you can get to a bathroom without spoiling the whole dive. Which means you consider if Im in-the water, my urine may only dissolve and dissolve and disappear. Is it OK to whiz in the wetsuit?

The simple answer is yes. Have a leak.

The truth is, there's no health threat to tearing the neoprene. This pushing boardshorts for men essay has a few stylish warnings for when to look at it. A lot of people don't understand that urine unlike feces - until you have an urinary tract infection, is sterile. It has plenty of dissolved physical waste (mainly nitrates), but presents no health risk for you. The only symptom of wetsuit racing is temporary warmth inside your area. Clicking this month possibly provides cautions you could give to your co-worker. But beware, if your urine is dark (an indication that it's probably highly odorous as well), you may get a response from other divers, particularly if they happen to move during your yellowish cloud of temperature.

As a diver, your absolute best strategy for coping with this common situation is counterintuitive: drink more water. A hydrated diver could urinate inside their wetsuit and their urine won't be black or potent. You have surely noticed the-difference between your day pee and your pee after (or throughout) a lengthy night of drinking. Dehydration is extremely common, however minimal contamination is tolerated and goes un-noticed by most people because of the symptoms are relatively moderate. If you are correctly hydrated, your urine is clear and odorless. A practical diver must drink lots of fluids the night time before and the morning of the dive, to ensure adequate water. My father learned about rash guards for women by browsing Bing.

You could hear divers joke about warming the wetsuit. The heat offered by irrigation is comfortable, but temporary. Yes, when you pee you'll feel warm initially, however in the end it'll actually decrease your over all human body temperature.

You may realize that even though you relieved your self ahead of the leap, you need to go again when you get down seriously to 20 feet. Why do you really need to pee again? You may be encountering a phenomenon called immersion duiresis: like a response to a rise in pressure, your human body feels compressed and your kidneys begin to produce urine.

Since you already wash your wetsuit after every dive, you dont need to be concerned about odor from your underwater urine. An unrinsed wetsuit develops its wonderful stink from algae and crud in the water, not from your urine. Tinkle away!. My friend discovered visit rash guards for women by searching Bing.