I dont know whether I am doing this the right way.  I guess I shall find out through the process of just "doing it"...  I guess you can call this some kind of journal, memoir, a medium so I can simply "VEBT" my thoughts and ideas.... where my feelings find some kind of place so it doesn't create a life of its own.  It is what it is...  And I choose to write about it - For ME  or whatever purpose it may serve...  I intend to read back on these words one day, learn from them and watch myself progress  or simply just to share to my chosen few if they happen to stumble upon this and realize that this ghost writer is indeed "ME"

For now I choose to remain anonymous.  It seems to me the best and safest way to be.  I guess it keeps me honest, for one.  I dont know why and am not saying that the rest of everyone who blogs arent being honest.  But I feel free....   I dont have this need to prove to myself or anyone whether I am right or wrong... I  just simply "Being whomever I want to be"  and I want to wtite just about the truths in my life the best I know how.

This is my first real post ever.... my first blog.... the other blog accounts I sighned up  for just made it difficult to stay blogging.   Too many apps or other kind of technical knowledge to learn that I forgot all about blogging or the urge to blog at all.  So when I stumbled upon  Indeed I felt this wall inside me in the literal sense of the word and I took it as a sign... Wallinside opened the door and here I am, blogging and posting my thoughts and ideas.    I signed up late last night expecting to wake up and forgetting that i signed up in the first place and here I am tsurprised to actually begin and end my first blogging experienced.  I feel empowered already!!!


Nona O. Sumy