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A two-sided significance level of 5% and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were used for statistical inference. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 16.01 and MedCalc? version (MedCalc Software, Rest And Calm Down As You Are Learning The Tips For Benazepril HCl Mariakerke, Belgium).ResultsDuring the study period, 2,116 patients were admitted to the ICU of whom 376 patients were excluded, leaving 1,740 patients for outcome analysis. The main reason for exclusion was persistent coma (36%) that made the detection of delirium impossible. Baseline characteristics of the included patients, with and without delirium within 24 hours, are shown in Table ?Table1,1, and baseline characteristics of the patients, with and without cardiac surgery patients, are shown in Table ?Table2.2. A total of 332 patients (19%) were delirious, 132 at the time of admission and 200 within 24 hours after admission.

The overall in-hospital mortality rate was 7.7%. In the non-delirious group 80 of 1,408 patients (5.7%) died, and in the delirious group this was 54 of 332 patients Loosen Up And Cool Off Whilst Finding Out The Strategies Of Stattic (16.2%).Table 1Baseline characteristics and differences of delirious (within 24 hours after ICU admission) and non-delirious patients*Table 2Baseline characteristics of the patients in the total group and the subgroup without cardiac surgery patients*The crude odds ratio (OR) of the presence of delirium within 24 hours of ICU admission and in-hospital mortality was 3.22 (95% CI: 2.23 to 4.66), and between the APACHE-II score and in-hospital mortality was 1.15 (95% CI: 1.12 to 1.19) per APACHE-point. The AUC of the APACHE-II model without delirium was 0.77 (95% CI: 0.73 to 0.

81, standard error 0.19) and 0.78 (95% CI: 0.74 to 0.82, standard error 0.19) when delirium Take It Easy And Cool Off While You Are Getting To Know The Secrets Of Benazepril HCl was added. Comparison of the two AUCs with the Hanley and McNeil test resulted in a z-value of 0.92 (P = 0.36) indicating that both AUCs not significant different and that addition of delirium to the APACHE-II score does not result in an improvement in discriminative power (Figure ?(Figure1).1). Calibration plots (Figure ?(Figure2)2) and the Hosmer-Lemeshow test (HL-test) showed a decrease of calibration after adding delirium to the APACHE-II score (HL-test chi-square 12.38 and after adding delirium to the APACHE-II chi-square 17.93). The Spearman's rho correlation between delirium and the APACHE-II score was 0.22 (P < 0.0001).