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Google Earth shows Atlantis within the bottom on the Atlantic just in which Plato told us it was.

Historic literature and "mythology" is filled with stories of an early civilization that was ruined by an awesome all over the world flood. Plato reported it absolutely was Atlantis.

Plato has extended been approved as being the initial to put in writing about Atlantis as was documented in his basic dialogs: Timaeus andCritias penned about 360 to 370 BC. The dialogues are recorded as discussions concerning Socrates, Hermocrates, Timeaus, and Critias.

Plato's tale describes Atlantis along with a conflict amongst the ancient Athenians (Greeks) and the Atlantians that happened nine,000 many years in advance of Plato's time. The tale was initially told to an ancestor of Critias by Solon who was instructed the tale by an historical Egyptian priest.

Several have considered that Atlantis is a fiction developed by Plato. Just after all Plato wrote about Atlantis 9,000 decades right after it absolutely was destroyed.

Very well Plato wasn't the 1st to write over it. A really a great deal earlier document created in 9619 BC, about 9,250 yrs before Plato's creating continues to be identified.

This historic doc is thought for being the oldest document that has survived virtually intact down by way of the ages.

More, archeological finds and scientific evidence deliver convincing evidence that Atlantis definitely did exist.

Atlantis is perhaps just the most up-to-date "old myth" getting a reality. Scientific results have up to now proved that numerous of the historic myths were situated in actuality.

More than enough evidence is discovered to verify that Atlantis was genuine.

Earth's geological forces continuously alter the encounter of Earth; some really slowly through the ages, and many incredibly all of a sudden. Essentially the most renowned slow alterations are brought on by wind, rain together with other weather erosions. But perhaps the greatest of your gradual modifications are brought on by plate tectonics which lead to the continents to constantly drift relative to one another.

Development of Atlantis

Probably the finest solid evidence to the existence of Atlantis predates Plato's dialogs by about 225-250 million several years.

At the moment basically all of Earth's land masses were being grouped into a single substantial continent known as Pangaea; that means "all lands" in Greek. Although the land masses sit on significant buildings inside the Earth's crust contact tectonic plates. These plates are continuously shifting and this causes the varied land masses, continents and islands to drift relative to each other.

The Earth by itself is made from three layers: the crust, mantle, and core. The mantle features a brittle portion considerably just like the crust, and also a softer portion that interfaces with all the molten core. The crust along with the brittle best from the mantle primarily "float" to the softer element in the mantle and core. This going portion of Earth's area is made up of a number of "tectonic plates". These plates are steadily going relative to each other.

Forces associated with plate tectonics can also lead to sudden modifications just like the disasters of earthquakes and volcanoes.