Is it safe to go to phuket esp. if you are travelling alone? i am looking for a quite beach resort where u could relax and chill with a good price?

oh pls phuket is not in the middle of civil war anyway. lol.

no but there are alot of people who would kill you for the money you carry ect..

your making me scared now... most hotels have safe anyway. :p

yes but if you go out of hostel you in a bad place to be with any money.. they know your a tourist and they target you..

stop worrying about me, im a big girl -wink- and i can handle myself pretty well! :-) i am looking for 4star hotels so that would be safe enough isnt it?

until to go walk about.. I'll come and protect you honey.. if you want..

yeah i badly need someone to protect me, but how? lol, tis funny.

a beautiful lady like you i'd travel the world for.

very nice sweet talking eh ;-)

told you not a sweet talker a hopefull romantic

yah a hopeful romantic just like me... i dont know if being romantic is an advantage, my ex- was never romantic. he tried once but nah its not like him

when i was with my ex if she was feeling down i'd run her a bath with bubbles and candles a drink.. then when she got out a nice meal then cuddles and a nice film.. Flowers when i could ect..

if u were that nice to him, then why did she gave-up on you? oh by the way, how YOUNG are you if u dont mind me asking...

old enough to drink and young enough for life.. it on my profile.. i'm 37..

i see

am having a lunch break. wanna join?

yeah would love to Catamaran rental Phuket my treat..