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Home Contents Insurance - Understanding What Is Covered and What Is Not In this point in time, having home and contents insurance plans are vital. The reality however is always that times are tough for all households and minimizing expenses are at an order for the day. The problem is so many people are being required to reduce essentials and in my opinion house and contents insurance policies are a necessary expense that you simply cannot afford to slice out completely. Its incredibly frustrating to become a safe motorist yet still watch your premiums rise year in year out. No speeding tickets with no accidents due to smart, defensive driving, no break-ins because of smart parking, and what is the last reward from most Australian insurance firms? Its an ever-increasing premium assessment because of their regular one-size-fits-all car insurance. 1. Standard audio These days, essentially the most standard piece of entertainment equipment automobile is the humble CD player -- in case you are investing in a new car, its impossible you wont find a CD player, unless there is something more advanced. While a CD player is handy, generally individuals now storing our music while on an mp3 player -- the majority while on an iPod -- likelihood is unfortunately we cannot use a lots of CDs with our favorite music available. Car manufacturers are taking this up to speed, and even though it is only new now, clothing uncommon -- immediately -- to find out an iPod connection as a standard fitting in cars. For the moment, you may get an iPod connecter from any good auto or electronics store, and in many cases some department stores. Just because your car or truck might be a behind the times, does not mean your entertainment must be! - Your television. When setting up your own home theatre, invest in a television that presents the best clarity of image, high definition, strong sound as well as a BIG picture. While plasmas and LCD screens are a great start, newer LED flat screen televisions provide you with a clear picture unlike another screen. LED screens appear in an array of sizes and when house contents insurance creating a home theatre -- the larger the better! The simple way to determine whether you may need building and/or insurance for your residence contents is simply to look at the replacement value and compare it in your annual premiums. You will quickly observe that the replacement value of most of the stuff in the home is really not definitely worth the insurance payments.