Konami denies report of Kojima's official departure

AAA games don't tend to drop in price until the publisher has made a profit. So don't think they make nothing from selling cheap.
That goes for Steam as well, the standard cut is Steam get 30% of whatever the price is.

You do reduce their profit so it has some impact. However as consumers our only way tthat matters is not to buy the products they sell.
That only really counts if you want to buy the products to begin with.
Saying F**Konami and still buying their games is just hypocritical and ultimately pointless.
I want to see companies like Konami leave gaming. The only way to do that is not buy their products.
It will only happen if enough gamers refuse to buy what they sell, each gamer must decide to do that themselves.

I want to play MGS, I wont buy it.
I can still choose to play it and when I was younger, I would have.
Now I just ignore them as I do with console exclusives, which caused me to switch to PC.
It doesn't matter, there's to many great games I've never yet played or finished, to concern myself with those I ignore due to shady publishers.


VR medieval combat in Valiant looks ace