Three new Star Wars Battlefront Heroes revealed

My problem with the Beta was lack of any sort of struggle to have to think about anything. The ones who did well statistically, just equipped a pack and got to high places, completely avoiding capture points. There is no decision making necessary for the equipment, like having weight so players can't just equip any set of star cards with weapons etc.

Also a complete disregard for the story in order to give whiners access to things not actually available at the time of play (looking at all the star fighters). The biggest thing that would ruin Hoth when I played was all the air units. The idea behind the battle of Hoth was you have to walk through the shield, you couldn't just fly in or out, so how did tie fighters get in there?

Then the Xwings were off guarding the evac ships and instead of risking the more expensive X-wing they used the cheaper speeders as the air support, with the disadvantage that their lasers couldn't pierce the AT-AT.

Also the shield would stop any laser drop Imperial or Rebel. Just giving the Rebels the option, doesn't make much sense since the Rebels couldn't call a drop down considering the Imperials owned the space above hoth at the time.

It was stuff like that, that said to me, this isn't even a Star Wars themed shooter, when you can't keep in the actual story line, its a shooter for those who think they love Star Wars, but really just like being part of a group, any group.


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