One Life is a multiplayer FPS that locks you out forever when you die

Great idea, but the concept of being 100% out of the game upon death; that's a no-go.
Add to that: Bugs that kill you, are not an unusual thing to encounter in survival games.. There are loads of games in this genre, where vaulting over a fence, going down a hill or just opening a door; can get you killed.

Put a "lockdown" on your account for 1-2-3 weeks, upon death. That'll still give kinda the same "feel" to the game. You still won't take the game "lightly" and you'll think more about how you move around and such.

Having it a "1 death and you're gone forever", is just plain "dumb". It's a sales gimmick.. No more.. They are getting a ton of PR on this - which is a great thing for such a ludicrous concept.
People might hate it, but some might buy it just to see what all the fuzz is about.


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