VR medieval combat in Valiant looks ace

I was mostly referring to all of the games on consoles that required optional peripherals.

The cost of the pair of controllers would be expensive at over 100 bucks imo. Regardless, the rift (since it has a much more predictable price for just the HMD) will sale most likely for 350 bucks with just an xbox controller. So, if these controllers were say 200 bucks like you said that would mean they cost a good deal more than half of the HMD itself. That just seems so far out there.

VR in its infancy needs a solid foundation and segmenting the market with optional peripherals just seems like a terrible move. Personally, when I put my money on a VR setup I want to promote the better mindset for the platform. Noone in their right mind wants exclusives for peripherals and that is probably my biggest issue with the Rift.

It is really hard for me to not just follow carmack since I think he usually creates forward thinking systems. But, as a consumer, I think the rift is a worse choice than Vive. Simply because in my view the health of the platform is so crucial that the success of either camp will decide where the future of gaming and VR will be headed.

We hate microtransactions and DLCs but we buy them and thus we give our approval of the business practice. The choice in first run VR tech purchases should be made with a forward thinking in mind. Do we want peripheral based game exclusives? Do we want Peripheral Storefronts? Do we want VR games to have a subsection of games that work with or without motion controls? Sadly, most people won't think about the future of this market and how it will affect us as consumers. Imagine if microtransactions, DLC, and other banes of gaming were killed early on by the consumers just saying NO for the health of the market. We would be in a much better state from our standpoint right now.

TLDR: Vive because of a better VR ideology for the consumer.


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