Stop The Hassle With Furnace Repairs In Overland Park:Buy A New Furnace

Furnaces were not always as efficient as they are today. In older homes especially, people experience outrageous heating prices throughout the winter months without giving it a second thought. If you're like most people, you haven't even thought of replacing your furnace. The idea is to use it until it can't work anymore. You stand to gain a lot by investing in a high efficiency furnace. Furnaces last a long time. Once you buy a new one, you can enjoy the heat without having to worry about replacing it for years.

You don't have to wait until your furnace stops working to replace it. Pay attention to the signs long before you're sleeping in the cold waiting for a repair man. Routine maintenance is normal for furnaces. But when you find yourself calling up HVAC companies to come out and do furnace repairs in Overland Park year after year, that should tell you something. One time may not be a big deal, but there comes a time when the money you're paying to keep an old furnace running costs more than it does to have a brand new one put in. A new appliance also helps you save money in other ways. The older the furnace, the less efficient it is. As technologies have changed and standards for efficiency and environmental impact have become higher, furnaces have become far more effective. The better a furnace runs, the better off the environment is due to lower emissions, and the more money you have in your pocket every winter.

There is a standardized rating system to help determine how effectively a furnace is running, which is categorized as an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, or AFUE for short. Essentially, this rating is based on how much fuel a furnace eats up while it's on, and compares it to the amount of fuel that is wasted in exhaust. Old furnaces typically get rated at a 65%, meaning that 45% of the fuel that is used simply exits the flue in the form of exhaust. This means it takes more fuel to get the same result as a higher efficiency furnace would provide you.

A 65% rating is no longer acceptable. The furnaces being made today are held to a much higher level of scrutiny. Obviously emissions take a massive toll on the atmosphere and surrounding environment. To help curb that effect, the government requires that new furnaces have a minimum rating of 78%. While that may seem like a major improvement, that number is only the beginning. If 78% sounds good, look into modern high efficiency furnaces. Their ratings can be as good as 98.2%. That means that only 1.8% of the fuel used in a furnace with this rating gets wasted.

Those types of ratings are helpful to the environment. But they also help homeowners save money. The numbers are substantial. For those who switch to high efficiency furnaces, there is a drop in utility bills by anywhere from 25% to 30%. Putting off buying a new furnace when you need the help of an Overland Park HVAC company every winter doesn't make sense. It's time to get a new one. Save money, stay warmer, and help the environment in the meantime.

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