Learn the positive properties of a copper mug!

Ayurvedic texts advise normal water to be kept in copper, because copper has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Copper is an important mineral for our body and medical research has proven the advantages of normal water kept in copper containers. Today, you may simply buy a copper mug and apply it in your daily life with all your family.
As outlined by a survey in 2012, storage of contaminated water in a copper container up to 16 hours at room temperature considerably reduces the presence of dangerous germs, so that the experts concluded that copper is a promising material as in use for cleaning drinking water from germs, particularly in developing countries. Another study found that copper surfaces eliminate 97% of hospital bacteria that might cause infection, that leads to a 40% reduction in the rate of infection. Many ayurveda texts indicate that the water contained in a copper vessel has the opportunity to balance the mind and body situation and increase the movement, metabolism and strength, which are important elements of our life. Well, we will not have to believe in such texts, but there exists clear studies and arguments for copper as a good material.

So what profit do you get when purchasing a copper cup?
A glass of drinking water from a copper vessel cleanses the kidneys and increases the functioning of the intestinal tract.
Copper is a excellent tonic for the liver organ, spleen and lymph system.
It helps in maintaining the well-being of the digestive tract.
It stimulates the brain and increases memory.
Generate melanin (pigmentation of the eye, hair and skin) in our bodies.
It kills unwanted organisms in water.
It regulates the thyroid gland.
Reduces pain in the joints, as in the case of arthritis.
It's believed to slow aging.
It helps regulate blood pressure levels, heart rate and lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides.
Wound healing is faster if you drink such water.

You just have to pour water in a copper container and leave overnight. You can drink positively charged water early in the morning or 2-3 times every day, and this will be sufficient to take full advantage of all its rewards. Do not freeze the copper water. Wash the copper mug regularly with fresh lemon or a special paste to wash copper. You may get a Moscow mule mug here http://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Mixology-Moscow-Copper-Coaster/dp/B0141EM0E4.

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