Holiness and Revival, Book Summaries

Dr. Elwood Stokes: The Father of Ocean Grove Brown, Kenneth O

Brown's biography of Dr. Elwood H. Stookes is a fitting tribute to a male who focused his lifestyle to the solutions of other folks. He demonstrates the feeling in which the tale of Ocean Grove is the story of Stokes and vice versa. Testimonies and tributes presented provide supportive proof for the priceless contributions of a single who remodeled Ocean Grove into the leading Methodist Holiness Camp resort in the globe.

Dr. Walker C. Palmer: The Existence and Operate of the Beloved Doctor Brown,
Kenneth O

Brown provides salient details in the Wesleyan doctrine of sanctification current in Dr. Walker C. Palmer's exemplary existence. His placid character, mild fashion, transparent motives and deep earnest conviction of his heart all marked him for the sphere he was to fill. Love tributes and memorials testify to his profound affect on the rise and expansion of the nineteenth century holiness revival.

Residing Indicators and Miracles Goodwin, John

Goodwin, in Never Ignore, Reject, Overlook, or Dismiss, the Comprehensive Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit! 4 sections, gives fundamental ideas in the encounters needed in life of a Christian for the improvement of religious life. He focuses on regeneration (the commencing of spiritual existence) and holiness of coronary heart (a existence Revival - What Is That? to dwell). It is stressed that God demands a noble course of holy men and girls to become signs and wonders, and to be in a position to do exploits for Him by means of the electrical power of the Holy Spirit.

Men and Women of Deep Piety McLeister, Clara

McLeister has creditable supplied synopses or biographical sketches of a overall of forty-five holy gentlemen and ladies spanning generations of church history. She focuses on the self-sacrifice of these beacons that did not rely their life expensive unto them selves that they may possibly earn Christ and bless humanity. These Christians referred to depict a variety of theological and church backgrounds.

Ralph Goodrich Finch: the Gentleman and His Eyesight

The goal of the three elements of this anonymous ebook which respectively offer with the early, missionary and afterwards a long time of Ralph Goodrich Finch, founder of the Emmanuel Association and the president right up until his loss of life, is to keep alive his memory and eyesight. His coronary heart preparation (the baptism of the Holy Spirit), eager religious vision and earnest want to see souls introduced into the kingdom sort the crucial Finch''s effective ministry of in excess of forty many years. Employed mightily by God to encourage revivals at residence and overseas, he offered the gospel in a way that the unsanctified were manufactured to comprehend that the coronary heart was totally depraved and that carnality was at enmity with God.