DoD: No US-Russia Joint Exercise; Russia Opens New Syrian Base -

military official reports that Russia offers opened a manufacturer new base throughout Tiyas, Syria near Palmyra - bringing the number of Russian bases inside Syria in order to four. fighter aircraft conducted the three-minute planned communications test using one Russian fighter aircraft within the skies involving south central Syria as part of the provisions of a flight safety memorandum of knowing agreed for you to simply by each nations. This specific test would end up being a prudent measure entirely to always be able to ensure that, inside the event coalition aircraft encounter the Russian aircraft throughout operations within Syria, certainly 1 of the actual established as well as agreed upon modes of communication inside the agreement functioned," Davis mentioned in the statement. along with Russia conducted a joint training exercise more than Syria today, saying that they did execute a communications test yet there ended up being clearly no exercise.

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Davis asserted from approximately noon Qatar time one U.S. as well as Russian militaries to de-conflict airspace ended up being successful. military official explains, because, given the location, the Russians are more likely to actually strike ISIS targets from there.

The Particular Russians have moved five attack helicopters towards the new base in Tiyas. signs Cope With Russia for you to Reduce Risks in Syrian Skies

"This test assured that the really first occasion this mode involving communication was used would not end up being during an unplanned encounter," Davis mentioned adding that will the test with the hotline meant to be used involving the U.S. Jeff Davis denied Russian media reports that the U.S.

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The senior defense official says that military to military cooperation using Russia remains about hold since of the Russian activities throughout Crimea.

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"The test was conducted.

The first base within Latakia remains the primary hub for Russian operations within Syria. The Actual second, the forward staging base, opened in Hama. The Actual third base opened just south regarding Homs throughout Shairat.

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