Choose the best toys for your kids this Christmas

With 59 days to go until Christmas, toy shopping is top of mind for many parents. But not every toy is a great toy.

Johannesburg educational psychologist Cara Blackie says that when parents shop for toys, they should check if playing with them involves creative thinking and imagination. Also, the child should be able to involve a playmate, such as a parent, sibling or friend.

Blackie divides toys into three categories.

A great toy engages a child in imaginative play and often involves mutual play between children, she says.

A bad toy is something that can only be used individually and the child responds to it without imagination or thinking.

An okay toy is something that involves no individuality.

An okay toy involves no thinking, so possibly a teddy bear, or a car, Blackie says. But you cant really go wrong with an okay toy.

Top toy retailer Toys R Us sent us its fabulous 15 list of toys for Christmas. We asked Blackie to rate eight of the toyson the list