Hot Bird to stay in Rome

For Wilson's contract, coach Louis van Gaal welcomed. "James (Wilson) is the England youth players a very bright future, and we are pleased that he and renew us. He is a very talented striker, the goal has a very keen eye. His development is correct direction, it is clear that he will be here to Fifa 16 Coins  have a good future. "

Gervinho after joining Roma brief high light performance, fall into the trough again. Hotbird bad state, this summer transfer soap opera continues. Galatasaray tried to buy hot summer birds, but in the end did not take place because of funding problems. Also broke the news that the United Arab Emirates this summer, the team had once and Hot Bird close to an agreement, but because of the excessive demands for Hot Bird personal treatment, and ultimately helpless to give up.

Hot Bird to stay in Rome, but uncomfortable reuse. Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the current Galatasaray has temporarily solved the funding problem, and again in Rome to discuss the Hotbird transfer contacts, while this weekend's league game against lowly Carpi, Hot Bird is expected to usher in the season for the first time starter. And the Middle East team compared Sneijder Galatasaray squad, Podolski so famous, they can play in the Champions League, from the team in terms of  Buy Fifa 16 Coins the natural environment more attractive.